Thursday, November 24, 2011

5 Reasons Why Working a Job You Hate Will Kill You! (And Your Family)

We have all heard how stress can really create havoc in our lives. But did you know that working at a job you can't stand is not just hurting you but your kids as well? That' right. Let me give you 5 reasons why that job could mean future and present disaster.
Acute Stress Turns Your Body Into a Yo-Yo
A service review of your department will take up the next 4 days. You're going to have to pull 12 hours of overtime to get ready. The boss teams you with the most annoying co-worker. This kind of stress will pass. After the service review, you'll release the stress and all will be well. If this kind of drama happens frequently, your body's functions will bounce and stress levels will return to normal after each occurrence. This could eventually lead to some chronic illness.

Chronic Stress Squeezes You Until You Break 
Your temples throb as you attempt to ignore the blurred vision. You're working on 3 projects with 72 hour dead lines. The headaches, vision and indigestion are on-going problems for you. If this situation continues, a myriad of difficulties could start to overwhelm you including, but not limited to, high blood pressure, depression, acne, back pain, muscle pain, insomnia etc.

Stress Causes Early Drainage of Savings and 401Ks 
When you stress yourself out by working a job you don't enjoy, you decrease your productive years. The fewer years you can work, the shorter time to compile cash to live on for your retirement. Retiring because of illness causes not only a shortage of funds but puts a strain on your family's time and finances.

Stress Changes Kids from the Inside Out 
Children are resilient. They appear to come out of tough times without a scratch. But stress is different. Even these little ones are not able to totally wash away the affects. A children exposed to chronic stress will begin to experience strain on their internal organs. This can present as attention problems, frequent colds or frequent stomach aches.

Stress Changes Your Kids Immune System Permanently

It has been proven a child's immune system having been compromised by stress early in life does not return to normal. The immune system will remain in jeopardy even when the stress has been removed for a long period of time.

Now how many reasons do you need to start taking care of yourself and your family and living your dreams?

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